¡¡¡THE ZONE!!!

from the westfield, nj library

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bigups to lauren cordes for finding this gem.


campbell hasn’t posted in a couple weeks.

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i wonder why? maybe it’s because i just started reading this thing and i didn’t realize that it usually means that this is happening. you can tune in to ¡¡¡BROZONE!!! next week to hear a full broadcast.

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hey friends,

my brother’s radio station got shut down by the man. go if you know.

real post later. maybe a special secret from my radio station. an old friend for me to introduce to you.

don’t worry guys it’s okay…

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Chainsaw Bubs
chainsaw bubs will prevail.

FYF Fest

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Going to this. This will be Lightning Bolt’s first show on the west coast in three or four years, I don’t think words can express how excited I am. Anyone else in this part of the country should most definitely attend, this’ll be one of the greatest days in music all year. The point of the festival this year is to raise awareness about how budget cuts are affecting our state parks. $14.2 million has been cut and we are losing 100 parks or more. More info on our state parks can be found here and more info on the show can be found here. If anyone wants to meet up at the show and just hang out, send me an email at antonssonjason@gmail.com.

On a side note, please keep the families of La Cañada and La Crescenta, California in your thoughts, there’s an enormous fire inching its way toward the area I live in. 500 families, many of which are my friends, have been evacuated from their homes up on the mountain and are taking shelter at my old high school. I can see the fire from my front porch at the top of the mountain, ash is falling in the streets. Scary stuff.

well that’s the problem right there

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ernie drops some serious knowledge concerning proper signal routing. i’m at my grandpa’s right now. fond memories of no cable and only pbs to rely on. and sesame place being like a mile away. you can’t watch a tv with a hamster in it. new scans next week when i am near my scanner and my stockpile.

Gantz Graf

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Autechre’s “Gantz Graf EP” was released in 2002. This song was really important to me back then. I don’t really see how it could’ve interested a thirteen year old kid in seventh grade in a conservative Christian family living in a small town in Wisconsin, but it did.

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In honor of Wilson Bunny

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I’m soon going to be spening some time with Wilson Bunny, the greatest bunny that ever lived. To commemorate this reunion, I have a bunny video compliments of the Huffpost and Elias who showed it to me.

Ahoy Ahoy!

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Riding with Hitler

Hello Internets,
I am guest blogging for dear Campbell. He is making other sorts of computer magic happen and I took pity on him.
My feeble post is one of my favorites from a pile of World War II U.S. propaganda. Given modern energy woes, this picture seems particularly relevant– if only green house gasses could be sketched as menacingly as foreign dictators. And although Hitler is at the bottom of my concerns these days, I still hope this image encourages all of us, when alone is the car, to cast a guilty glance to our rights, where wispy, ghost Hitler no doubt dwells– and then go and join “car-sharing clubs”!


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I’m soooo getting this.