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hey guys don’t worry it’s ok

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on January 20, 2010

brisbane has your sandbag needs covered:

in other news, elizabeth is awesome for posting about those adorable puppies. in what is also vaguely news, you can check out my set from pirate cat radio here. it was a pretty ok set i guess.

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They’re Baaaaaack

Posted in Animal Videos by corduroy200 on January 20, 2010

You heard it here first, folks! (or on boingboing, where I heard it) The Shiba Inu live puppy-feed is back!  Apparently it’s the same mom with a new litter.

Check it here:


new releases on ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! Records

Posted in Housekeeping by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on January 9, 2010

sometimes i’m just too busy with music to find things. here are some musics, though!

The Girls On the is an official release now!

so is Songs for the Third (and Other Days)

check out the music page!

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