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In honor of Wilson Bunny

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I’m soon going to be spening some time with Wilson Bunny, the greatest bunny that ever lived. To commemorate this reunion, I have a bunny video compliments of the Huffpost and Elias who showed it to me.


Ahoy Ahoy!

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Riding with Hitler

Hello Internets,
I am guest blogging for dear Campbell. He is making other sorts of computer magic happen and I took pity on him.
My feeble post is one of my favorites from a pile of World War II U.S. propaganda. Given modern energy woes, this picture seems particularly relevant– if only green house gasses could be sketched as menacingly as foreign dictators. And although Hitler is at the bottom of my concerns these days, I still hope this image encourages all of us, when alone is the car, to cast a guilty glance to our rights, where wispy, ghost Hitler no doubt dwells– and then go and join “car-sharing clubs”!

a note of no small importance

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looks like it’s that time. things get dark. things get damp. nothing, however, can obscure the joy and light of saving private dining:

this one’s for you jason:

keep on keepin on. regular posting schedule continues tomorrow.


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Hey guys. This is a rant, a sad rant. Or a whiny rant. Whatever you want to call it, I feel like crap, and I want to tell you why I haven’t been posting (or, at least, posting relevant things.

It makes me sad how much control money has over our lives, our time. It has been a component of our culture for decades, but I never thought it would become the basis. I really, really want to continue being a part of this wonderful blog, but, as you have seen over the past several months, my commitments are elsewhere. Work is hard, cutting back on employees and hours because fewer and fewer people can afford luxuries. School is hard, it has become significantly more expensive in a very short amount of time. And I know, that’s just life and growing up… but it’s sad. It’s sad that the life of independent young adults is being consumed by the simple need to survive. I’ve worked for this company for two years and I barely make $9 an hour. I go to a community college full-time and, with tuition and essential books included, I paid about $700 for the Fall ’09 semester.

I don’t want to be a part of this culture. I don’t know how many of you readers can relate to me in my situation, but of the countless SoCal kids I’ve talked to about this over the past several months, everyone seems to be in the same situation I am. I’m gonna finish up my AA degree just to have something done then look into migrating north to Oregon for a while and stay with some family and friends.

I will post here when I can, but it will not be often, because it’s really not very often that I find time to make new art. I’m not even using free time right now, I’m typing this in History class.

dude i have those same sunglasses

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I have those same glasses


okay here’s the deal.

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kenneth lundquist. KENNETH LUNDQUIST. this one’s for you, LaurCor. this cd has become something of a legend, and i hope you all enjoy the very small amount of it that i was able to rip onto my computer. perhaps i will have more success in the future and post the whole thing.

i'm pretty freaked out by how rad this cd is

i'm pretty freaked out by how rad this cd is

anyway, this is one of the top ten zone cd’s of all time. on this compact disc, mr. lundquist sings the classic christmas hits, including Winter Wonderland and I’ll Be Home for Christmas.


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oh hey it’s summer what do you know. just a quick one for you today, a comic for everyone to enjoy. not really found but i still think its worth checking out.


comic credit goes to emma d.


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I’m soooo getting this.



On an unrelated note…

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I happen to love the Planet Earth Series. A lot.  – and I found one of my favorite moments on youtube.

go little duckings go!

Happy Fourth!

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Enjoy this glorious celebration of America.  I must give credit to the blog Cake Wrecks where this was posted earlier today.  Pay special attention to the all-american backrounds.

Hope all those readers in the US of A have a great holiday!