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Bob and the Apple

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that apple’s laughter is endlessly hilarious.



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hello to old and new friends!

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on May 20, 2009

no found art today but don’t worry we have lots of news. firstly, WWW.THEZONE.INFO is back up! it’s rad to be almost back and we’re pumped to be hip to be rad. i can’t say we’ve enjoyed the downtime but i can say that it feels good to be here again. we’re working on some new releases from adam boffa and rainbow family as well as an improved site design, so hold tight because it’s gonna be radical! in further internet related news, independent and free music radzone epicenter cllct.com is officially down for good, with hearts broken everywhere. it was quite the ride for me, and i hope some of you got to experience the magic that was cllct firsthand. in even more news, there’s some TOUR PROMOTION up in here, because apparently that’s all i’m good for:

Broalition of the Chilling Webflyer

yup. it’s going to be that good. while we’re at this game called internet, here’s some more stuff:

new other thing is luke fischbeck’s (aka lucky dragons mastermind’s) new netlabel. i highly recommend “make a baby”

– ubuweb has a blog now! we’re proud of them!

so, as we see, for every powerhouse of free internet culture that founders, three others redouble their efforts. enjoy your wednesday. tell someone about something free today.

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was a good era for the mustache. it was treated properly in those days. now, times are hard for the mustache. the lack of appreciation for fine leatherwear such as proper leather driving gloves has been one of the many side effects of the descent of the true mustache into obscurity and neglect. come, join us as we take in all of the glory the mustache has to offer in its truest of forms.





bonus: in the picture with the leather gloves, there’s a jacket that’s supposed to be free-floating but it just looks like the tiniest jacket ever because it’s right below this guy’s hand.

tarot readings will not help you make money

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no they won’t



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