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bail bond business: recession proof?

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on March 18, 2009

Available Bail Bonds

Available Bail Bonds

whatever whatever. everyone is always talking about the economy these days. i want to talk about america. america is a strange country. america is a country where there were gunslingers and they got in jail a whole lot and their desertburned attorneys were probably not as well-learned and worldly as their city counterparts would be today. this is where we get our cliche of the great western jail with the black iron bars, the stone walls and the rugged-romantic hero breaking free.
Eastern Bail Bonds

Eastern Bail Bonds

in time, the business practices of small western towns would flourish to reinforce their partners on the coasts, gradually escalating into an environment where the exchange of business cards became a typical business formality and casuality, printed paper symbolizing an extended handshake and an extension of smalltown gee-whiz business values and the protestant work ethic the pilgrims preached.
AAA Bailmaster

AAA Bailmaster

the combination of the monopoly man with the iron bars shows the extreme silliness inherent in american business. this is a facet of america where aggregation of wealth and power is fetishized to the point that billionare nothing-tycoons become iconic crowdpleasers in the pop cultural viewscape. this bizarre amalgamation of imagery and function provides a telling look into the heart of what powers america. to quote frank zappa – “they ain’t going for no more / great midwestern hardware store”. it’s a money country, but somebody has to live in it


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