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me oh my hey hey hey hey

Posted in Found Art, Housekeeping by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on February 27, 2009

i know i know. when will that kid not be so lazy? the good news is that i have some fresh new jams over here. it’s the mini mix at the bottom of the “songs” column. but next week! next week will be such a delectable smorgasbord of found objects galore. i am very excited. spring is coming and so are the productive days. also, ¡¡¡BROZONE!!! has been up and running smoothly for the past few weeks. you can tune in and enjoy every tuesday from 7-8 PM EST right here! and, as always, i have been working on a number of new musical works lately. most of them are drone-oriented, for those of you who are counting. anyway, that’s enough self-promotion for one post. i’ll hit you folks up next week with some material actually worth perusing.

– campbell

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breakin’ the rules

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on February 15, 2009

so hey guys. had an adventure last night. drove to princeton to see daedelus. got lost on the way there. shook the man’s hand. i am ashamed of my lazy posting habits lately. so here it is, an inside joke that probably just my brother will enjoy. i hope the rest of you enjoy it anyway.

Back in the game

Posted in Animal Videos by corduroy200 on February 8, 2009

well, two weeks after my return from Cairo I think it is only appropriate to blog about a cat considering the huge numbers of stray cats in the city.  Enjoy.

what is a cooklechoo?

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lauren

happy birthday, world. this tape was in my friend lauren’s car. we were listening to it last week on the way back from broadway diner. quite the birthday moon trip, i would say.

listen here.


notes on scrubaliciousness

Posted in Housekeeping by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on February 6, 2009

look guys, i had a real swanky post planned for tonight, but some technical difficulties (ie lack of a working cassette deck) kept me from radding it up tonight. my sincerest apologies. sit tight and i’ll have a special surprise up for ya’ll within the next few days.

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