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Tilt-Shift Photography

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on January 23, 2009


the point of tilt-shift photography is to take a real photograph of a distanced setting and make it look fake. to make it look like an extremely elaborate model of a real place. i think i did this pretty well. i did two more here.

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oh my goodness. can it be… can it really be?

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on January 23, 2009

it can. two weeks of entirely unexplained absence on my part. recap: i went to san francisco, saw a big turtle, got a pair of sneakers that doesn’t have holes in it, and generally rocked the party that rock rocks the party. two weeks ago i promised a veritable ragnarok of found picture posts. well i’m here to make good on that promise.

mystery DJ’s

math numbers



phone call?

stepping correctly. hope you enjoyed it all. special bonus: joe pesci’s wig in JFK:

yeah, man. another discovery i made over break is that everything is terrible. and if everything is terrible, then nothing is. this may inspire me to upload some found videos to youtube. you know. stuff from the library vhs box. speaking of videos i’ve got a couple from a show i did at my brother’s place while i was in the city of saint francis in the sunny state of california. i’ll post them next week for you guys! i’m glad to get back in the swing of things. i hope you’re glad, too.

ps we the people of the united states of america have bagged ourselves a new president. his name is barry. he’s pretty rad, i guess.

Double post…

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on January 18, 2009

…to make up for last week.


CD art for Skagos‘s first album release, Ást, out sometime later this year.


find more of these here.


Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on January 3, 2009

hey guys, sorry i don’t really have anything to present today, but i thought this might bring back some old memories for you Freakazoid! fans. enjoy Candlejack! this was probably my favorite episo

yeah new year’s

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on January 2, 2009

oh man i have gotten lazy with scanning things in. i have a stockpile of found paper notes and business cards and such that i have yet to scan but expect a monster post when that happens. in the meantime, in between time, i am considering picking up go. youtube is no help, with videos ranging from the “oriental”sploitationistic to the clueless and hamhanded. e.g., respectively:

geez, man. don’t hurt the microphone. in other news, i got a vimeo account, so hit me up if you’d like to. here’s my profile:


so far i’ve justed posted one video (as seen on youtube). more in the future! enjoy your first days of 2009!

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