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And a happy new year

Posted in Animal Videos by corduroy200 on December 29, 2008

I’m gonna take a 3ish week break from blogging due to my trip to the beautiful city of Cairo.  Heres a great puppy video, as well as a christmas-themed picture of my adorable cat, Zoe. 



wonderful winter holiday season

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on December 28, 2008

everybody was ready for the nuclear apocalypse, but nobody was ready for snow dogs. also hanukkah and kwanzaa. double letters in the name holidays. non-waspy holidays. respectable holidays. wonderful holidays. hope that everyone is rocking out with their families and friends and loved ones and animal pals.

Skagos Shirt Art

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on December 21, 2008


sorry for posting a bit late. this is the shirt art i’ve done for my friend’s vancouver-based cascadian black metal band, skagos. to me they sound like a combination of Wolves in the Throne Room, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Mogwai. great stuff, check it out!

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woah woah woah

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on December 19, 2008

there is quite a snowstorm up in the massachusetts. i’m back home for winter break and i was greeted by wonderful snowflakes. alright! here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ from the trip up yesterday, found outside of a bathroom at a connecticut rest stop:





yes! animals! hope i’m not cutting too much into elizabeth’s turf here. also next week is a christmas day into boxing day post, so get excited for some hopefully good found stuff. if i don’t deliver you can drizzle eggnog on my eyeballs.

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Moustache Blob

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on December 12, 2008

stop-motion fun with nicolejoe, and myself.

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on December 12, 2008

chicken factory man only wants to spread his joy through the power of singing and karaoke machines. what is wrong with that? also: who here knows anything about kenneth lundquist? by next week you might know why i’m so curious.

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Happy anniversary to Campbell and Lauren

Posted in Uncategorized by corduroy200 on December 7, 2008

keep it together, everybody

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on December 2, 2008

have no fear we’re back in full effect. also in full effect:



this hat. it’s got a lovingly frayed brim, it’s from abercrombie, and that leather strap on the back has some oxidation due to sweat and the metal buckle combined. it’s just oozing brozone. also the message reads:


Paul +

a truly gorgeous find. this one is from pugsley’s pizzeria in the bronx. they have a huge barrel of hats people have lost there and hats that have been given to them. they had too many so the manager, sal gave me one. thanks, sal!
also: i’m sure many other college students out there are panicking to salvage their academic career, yes? just keep it real, stay safe, and have fun. those are the three rules and if you follow them exactly you will discover a neverending fountain of good vibes and fresh times.

BLIPFEST is this weekend!!! what is it? it’s a four day music festival in brooklyn featuring rad people making rad music with commodore 64’s, nes’s, gameboys, and many other retro computational devices. i’ll be there for the show thursday night and hopefully i’ll get a chance to perform at the open mic on sunday, so say hi if you’re there. remember, i’m campbell: the guy with the mohawk and the old people’s driving sunglasses.

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