¡¡¡THE ZONE!!!

woah man

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on October 31, 2008

howdy everyone.  hope this week has been treating you splendidly.  here’s a little something something for you:

fascinating what people make into little artifacts that you can carry on your keychain or your backpack zipper.  found in my school’s dining hall without it’s chain.  dirty rubber.  in the spirit of last week’s post, i’m going to do something i’ve never don before: link to another blog woahhhhhhhhhhh!  here it is:

commerce 2.0

hey guys. i like technology but try to be responsible. you keep it real. also, here is the link for WMNJ’s streaming internet radio. tuesdays 8-9 est is ¡¡¡BROZONE!!!. and the album drops november 15th. that is two weeks from this saturday. all 22 songs and over an hour of it. yes that is correct. internet only. don’t kill the forests to express your undying love for them, after all. be there or be square. see you next week.

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