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woah man

Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on October 31, 2008

howdy everyone.  hope this week has been treating you splendidly.  here’s a little something something for you:

fascinating what people make into little artifacts that you can carry on your keychain or your backpack zipper.  found in my school’s dining hall without it’s chain.  dirty rubber.  in the spirit of last week’s post, i’m going to do something i’ve never don before: link to another blog woahhhhhhhhhhh!  here it is:

commerce 2.0

hey guys. i like technology but try to be responsible. you keep it real. also, here is the link for WMNJ’s streaming internet radio. tuesdays 8-9 est is ¡¡¡BROZONE!!!. and the album drops november 15th. that is two weeks from this saturday. all 22 songs and over an hour of it. yes that is correct. internet only. don’t kill the forests to express your undying love for them, after all. be there or be square. see you next week.

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The Faceless

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on October 24, 2008

i threw this together in just a couple of minutes. wanted to let you guys know i’m still here, and simultaneously support an incredible band. it’s 2:20am, i’ve slept for just a couple of hours over the past few days dealing with a 12-page political science paper, a 9″ x 18″ typography project, and helping manage a 13-hour environmental awareness event in pasadena with +3,000 people attending. that’s why i didn’t post last week :X sorry guys.


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money makes the world burn.

the rest of the playlist.

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how was i supposed to know?

Posted in Kid Videos by visinewontwork on October 22, 2008

i must confess, i still believe (still believe) that i am supposed to post on tuesday nights and i haven’t been. but its just because i forgot grammar rules and that i am supposed to post on tuesday nights.

how are you. i am getting older. things are changing and people too which happens every day. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?


Posted in Found Art by ¡¡¡THE ZONE!!! on October 18, 2008

this is easily the greatest thing you will see this week. until next week. the radio show should be up soon and in the meantime the album is dropping approx. mid-november. for those of ou who have been playing along this whole time.

Campbell’s New Album & “Shadowplay”

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on October 12, 2008

long time no talk, eh zone? sorry. busy with work and school and losses within the family. all is well now, and i hope to get back on track (again).

so, i know it’s not friday, and i don’t have anything ready for presentation just yet, but i’m doing the album art for Campbell’s untitled up-and-coming album. it’s all in bits and pieces, not assembled just yet… but have things for you to look at, this upcoming friday :3 BE EXCITED.

i hope this will keep you busy in the meantime. this is a music/film collaboration between one of my favorite electronic artists, Ultre (aka Finn McNicholas), and film studio Flat-e. a fair warning, this is pretty creepy.

“Added September 17, 2007. 263 views. Such is the life of an artist.” – R. Hawes


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oh. okay.

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oh knut…

Posted in Animal Videos by corduroy200 on October 10, 2008

this guy….

this has been around the internet, but….

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this is beautiful.

sarah palin is not my friend.

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