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hello, friends! sorry for the late post. i ended up with some friends in hollywood last night and took some neat pictures. here’s one that i thought turned out really cool.

and what i REALLY intended to post yesterday, were some pictures from a recent trip to visit my mom in Tempe, Arizona.


from left to right, this is a ramp to the parking garage at the Phoenix airport, my mom playing a japanese shamisen guitar-hero-style arcade game, and just one of the five or six dormitory buildings at Arizona State University.


This is how i feel right now

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art in nature:


sleepy post

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hi everyone last night i was really sleepy and went to bed at 8 o’clock because i was really tired because i hadn’t slept. many thanks to lauren for her lovely cover post. first up we have something i found in a library book:
forthcoming when my scanner decides to be a grown up for a change

and then something from way back when. i don’t know where it was:



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Alex Butera

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hey guys, my mac pooped out on me last night, so all of the work i had prepared for today’s post is stuck in the abyss that is my disfunctional hard drive. getting it fixed and i’ll have it back in time for next week’s post, though! in the mean time, here’s some material from Alex Butera. you can visit his website here and his youtube channel here

apparently, these are edited clips from an actual interview with Dali… o_O whoa.

hi hi hi

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this is a note on campbell’s behalf. it is important to know that he was running on about zero hours sleep in the last two days and this little note may be the unwarranted bidding of a very tired gentleman. but he wanted the readers of zoneblog (all 11 of us) to know that he is posting tomorrow. I think we already know that, but he did ask me three times make this post and then made me promise.



a belated happy birthday

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So i know I havn’t posted in awhile, i’m one of those people who would fall under the category of  skipping posts for no good reason except being lazy.  Apologies.  Once i got behind on posts though, i felt the need to make my next post super amazing.  Every day i put it off the pressure grew to a BREAKING POINT, and pretty soon i was twitchy and cold.

Thank goodness i remembered this video.  I think it actually is worth the wait.

I think belated birthday wishes are also in order – so heres one for the birthday boy. an oldie but a goodie.

Skinless Grimace & Campbell’s Birthday Present

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hey everybody, sorry i haven’t posted in such a long time. as campbell said, i’ve been dealing with some things that have hindered my ability to stay committed to my posts, but i’m back!

i cut the roof of my mouth eating the rip-off brand of captain crunch cereal. you know, the stuff that comes in a giant plastic bag instead of a cardboard box. this was my mouth the next morning, after the bleeding stopped, in the shape of the most disturbing member of the mcdonald’s gang!


happy birthday campbell!

birthday post!

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hey guys.  it’s my birthday, here’s a video!

much video thanks to owen callahan (yes last names are okay).  things have been a little quiet here due to jason not being able to post for a multitude of good reasons and other folks being lazy for ZERO GOOD REASONS.  hey man, we’re cool about it though.  this is the zone after all.  while we’re at it:

a rad video from daedelus!  here’s some things that are happening right now with me:

– i’m progressing nicely with a (20 song!) double-album coming fall
– i’m going to be on the we heart arts benefit compilation coming out in september
– i have some loops (one of which was made with owen) in dublab + creative commons into infinity collaboration. check out beats and pictures here.

zone radio is coming back up soon! become excited!

road trip sans wireless

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hallo zonezonezone wireless signal has been scarce in upstate new york, including (unexpectedly) rochester airport. anyway, we’ve got a rad bumper sticker phonecam picture for you. keep it in the zone.