¡¡¡THE ZONE!!!

“Space Aoki”

Posted in Jason's Art by antonsson on July 12, 2008

sorry for the late post! my internet was down for a couple of days, and we just got it back up and running about twenty minutes ago.

this is steve aoki, one of my favorite L.A. DJ’s. i had a long-time running project called “DESTROY STEVE AOKI”, and my intent was to turn one of his nicer promo pictures into, well… something along the lines of “DIAMOND EYES”, but it ended up like this. i’m pretty happy with it. i think i’m going to follow through with completely defacing him and fulfilling the DESTROY STEVE AOKI project, i should have the final product ready in one or two weeks. stay tuned.

this is hiragana, one of three japanese alphabets. (note: the character at the lower-left corner is the standalone letter “n”.)

no naked and octocat are two of the greatest things i’ve ever come across on the internet.


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